Welcome to ASR, or simply "STAR FLEET"- a PBEM interactive role-play game made up around 100 writers spread across 18 units assigned to one of three distinct timelines.  The ASR universe- the PRIME universe, as we call it- was created in 1991, and is set in a time period around 40 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, in the Earth calendar year 2424 (watch the PRIME video trailer here).

We have recently opened two new fleets: one set in the year 2262 and revolves around the events of the 2009 Star Trek film, when the Romulan Nero ventured back through time and destroyed the starship KELVIN, creating an new, alternate timeline we call ORIGINS (watch the ORIGINS video trailer here); the other is set roughly 350 years beyond our PRIME timeline which we call BEYOND (watch the BEYOND video trailer here).  Both new timelines are truly writing the future.

Our writers explore a wide range of topics and missions set on starships, starbases, and planets alike.  If you think you're up to enlisting, follow the links above to explore our universe or contact the Administration with any questions.  Join us as we continue the Journey into the Future.


Markku Herd,
Admiral Ares Blackmane
Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet
Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA

Tim Cooke,
Admiral Alexandra Kirk
Chief of Star Fleet Operations
Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA